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Our Schools

Enfield Learning Trust includes:

Bowes Primary School 

Bowes Primary School is an outstanding school. We all work hard and learning is fun with great children who are keen to learn, an excellent team of staff who go the extra mile, innovative and supportive governors and state of the art Apple Mac technology. Our staff and children love to come to school and learn together. Our ethos, values and innovative curriculum ensure that the children are at the heart of everything we do. We feel that Bowes is a very supportive, nurturing and inclusive school where children have a voice. We work hard to ensure that we support our children to become independent, motivated, confident individuals who aim to be the best they can be. Through our curriculum and wide range of enrichment activities we are able to provide our children with a well-rounded school experience which is exciting and fun.  

Carterhatch Junior School 

Carterhatch Junior School is a three-form entry junior school. As a school we want to make a positive difference in our pupils’ lives. We strive to develop happy and well-rounded citizens who are able to succeed in the local community and beyond.  We believe in an inclusive and creative curriculum which develops a life-long love of learning and celebrates equality and diversity.  We pride ourselves on pupils having a voice.  Pupils feel listened to, valued, respected and empowered.   We focus on high quality teaching and learning, which centres on providing our pupils with the skills and knowledge to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Chesterfield Primary School 

Chesterfield Primary School is a three-form entry school with a large nursery, additional provision for three-year olds, a special needs class for children with complex needs and autism, and a key stage 1 nurture group. The School, which is a nurturing, supportive and inclusive school, where children have a voice and are offered a broad and creative curriculum. There is an excellent team of dedicated and creative staff and governors, who provide nearly 800 children with a high-quality education which meets their needs, promotes independence and equips them with skills for life, so that our children can flourish wherever they go next in their educational journey. Accordion contentAccordion content

Delta Primary School 

A Small School With a Big Heart and Big Ambition

Delta Primary School is a small, supportive, inclusive and nurturing one form entry primary academy.

We promote high standards of learning and personal development through:

  • A rich, diverse and challenging education through excellent teaching and learning and a broad, balanced, stimulating, knowledge rich curriculum. 

  • The values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience, supporting personal development, social responsibility and a sense of self-worth. 

  • Partnerships in learning with pupils, staff, parents/carers and the community.

  • A safe, supportive and well-ordered environment where pupils are happy and confident as they aspire to achieve.

Fern House School 

Fern House School is a new school which opened in November 2017. At the heart of human development is relationship. We pride ourselves on offering relational interventions through an inclusive, innovative curriculum. With a consistent whole school approach to supporting pupils, our specialist team of staff work hard to nurture each individual to gain a deeper understanding of their needs.  Our highly adapted curriculum is currently being developed to meet the wide range of abilities and aspirations of our pupils. Our aim is to provide all pupils with opportunities to achieve and feel valued. We aim to support children and families at Fern House School to gain an understanding of the importance of a holistic approach. Although we are a Special School, our mission is the same as any other educational setting - a commitment to preparing pupils academically and socially for life after Fern House School.

Grange Park Primary School 

Grange Park is a busy, friendly four form entry school in Winchmore Hill. At Grange Park we aim to prepare all children for their future lives. Our Learning Quest is designed to inspire children to achieve their full potential. We aim to equip them with the skills, knowledge and behaviour which will develop the joy of lifelong learning and allow them to take a full active role in their community.

Hazelbury Primary School 

Hazelbury Primary School was formed in April 2016 following a federation between Hazelbury Junior School and Hazelbury Infant School in 2013 and is a five-form entry school. Our children are independent, motivated learners, who strive to achieve high standards and leave Hazelbury able to flourish wherever they may go next on their educational journey. Our ethos, values and innovative curriculum ensures that the children are at the heart of everything we do, which enables us to provide a well-balanced, enriched learning experience. The children aspire to become model citizens of tomorrow and to understand their surroundings as well as the important role which they play in the world. We feel that Hazelbury is a very supportive, nurturing and inclusive school where children have a voice. We have an excellent team of staff who deliver high quality teaching and are  forward thinking in their practice.