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  • Year 3 are enjoying their athletics lessons in PE in preparation for Sports Day. @EnfieldPETeam

    @BowesSchool22/05/16 11:09:571 day ago
  • Reception are taking part in Forest School at @ArnosParkTweets . It is an exciting opportunity to learn outdoors and explore nature. Children have enjoyed the experience so far. #outdoorlearning

    @BowesSchool22/05/16 11:08:031 day ago
  • Reception have been focusing on Amazing Animals and we have been learning about life cycles. The children have been very excited to see the eggs hatch and the chicks begin to grow.

    @BowesSchool22/05/13 12:28:544 days ago
  • Pupils have been enjoying the sunshine and getting creative with nature. Future jewellery designers in the making!

    @CarterhatchJun22/05/17 14:56:2841 minutes ago
  • Well done to Year 6 for completing their SATs yesterday.

    @CarterhatchJun22/05/13 09:35:414 days ago
  • Our Year 6 children have shown great strength, determination and resilience so far this week. They've also enjoyed our Year 6 Breakfast Club. Time to catch up, relax and enjoy some toast and fruit with their friends. We are very proud of all of them.

    @CarterhatchJun22/05/11 19:58:285 days ago
  • Don't forget tomorrow (Wednesday 18th May) is Bring Your Parent to School Day, from 9am - 11.30am

    @ChesterfieldPS22/05/17 14:48:3749 minutes ago
  • Live updates of our Year 6 children on School Journey, they are having a fantastic time #schooljourney #manoradventures #activities #weekendoffun

    @ChesterfieldPS22/05/14 10:18:043 days ago
  • Chesterfield Staff loved the training, thank you

    @ChesterfieldPS22/05/13 16:20:053 days ago
  • It is Mental Health and Awareness Week and the theme is 'Loneliness.' In PSHE lessons, the children have been discussing what we can all do if someone is feeling lonely. We have also introduced our Mental Health Check-in charts and Calm corner, in every classroom.

    @DeltaPrimary22/05/16 08:33:201 day ago
  • On Thursday 5th May, Rose class went on their first ever school trip! They visited the Science Museum to see the Space exhibition as part of their Astronomy topic. Some of the children had never been on a train before so it was wonderful that they were able to experience this!

    @DeltaPrimary22/05/10 11:59:571 week ago
  • During a Computing lesson, Sunflower Class were exploring how to programme a Bee-bot. The children used their previous learning on direction (forwards, backwards, left and right) to help make a route on a map.

    @DeltaPrimary22/05/06 08:14:391 week ago
  • Fern House School Key Stage 4 classes are off to the Science museum in London today! #educational #science

    @FernHouseSchool22/05/13 10:57:224 days ago
  • We have had our OFSTED inspection report published! We got good with And outstanding grade for personal development!

    @FernHouseSchool22/05/10 15:21:211 week ago
  • Thanks to @leytonorientfc and @Qualiteachltd for a great day out today! Despite the loss and the weather our staff and pupils had lots of fun!

    @FernHouseSchool22/02/12 20:09:343 months ago
  • Well done to all our wonderful year 6 children for their efforts in this week's SATs exams. They have been absolute superstars. One more to go!

    @grangeparkelt22/05/12 06:57:565 days ago
  • Hello, check out our latest news roundup - 9 May 2022

    @grangeparkelt22/05/09 10:48:351 week ago
  • This Mental Health Awareness Week we're on a mission to let everyone living in loneliness know that their mental health matters. Let's tackle loneliness together. Say #IveBeenThere #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

    @grangeparkelt22/05/09 09:13:441 week ago
  • Students in Y5 spent the day at the @RAFMuseum understanding the different uses of satellites. As part of their learning, they created a heat shield for their satellite to protect it travelling through the earth's atmosphere, before creating a parachute to help it land safely.

    @hazelburysch22/05/13 16:48:343 days ago
  • This week the girls met Claudia, who is the Head of Environmental, Social and Governance at "With Intelligence". Claudia and the girls made a plan for how to make Hazelbury more environmentally friendly - exactly what Claudia helps her company do everyday. #environment @ICanBeOrg

    @hazelburysch22/05/13 16:00:353 days ago
  • As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week we have discussed this years theme of 'Loneliness and managing our emotions'. We have shared some helpful posters with tips if you are ever feeling lonely! #mentalhealthweek @AFNCCF @mentalhealth

    @hazelburysch22/05/13 15:28:544 days ago